Sagging floors, roofs or walls? Beams and foundations repaired or replaced, Houses jacked and leveled, homes elevated, engineering to completion!

All things structural!

Home Elevation and Structural Repair

40 Years experience home elevation and structural repair – Johnson Kelly inc is experienced structural contractors and skilled problem solvers. Contact Johnson Kelly inc. for a consultation.

The delicate operation of elevating homes, repairing or replacing structural components is a specialized field and requires an experienced team. Johnson Kelly Inc. has specialized in these operations for three generations.

  • Structure Elevation – “house jacking”, commercial property elevation
  • Structure Restoration – mold remediation, clean-up, clean-out, building, general contracting, total project management
  • Structural Repair – replacing beams, re-supporting structures, foundation repair and replacement

Experience with over 40 years experience and countless successful projects ranging from small residential structures to large townhouse communities.

Knowledge the regions top engineers approving all projects and consulting to find the safest and most efficient methods for each unique situation.

canstockphoto10239255Equipment 12 point hydraulic jacking system custom manufactured specifically for Johnson Kelly Inc and built by the industries leading jack manufacturer, projects are controlled and efficient minimizing collateral damage and speeding the overall process.

Safety engineering reviews, experienced project managers, modern equipment, obtaining all permits and responsible for all local building codes and regulations.

We urge you to contact Johnson Kelly Inc. before finalizing any structural elevation or repair project.  Experience is invaluable – protect your most valuable asset by ensuring that experienced contractors are managing your project.

Click here to Download the FEMA guide to elevating your house