Structural Repair

Carrier Beams Repaired or Replaced

Removing and replacing structural carrier beam is a specialized operation and one that we have years of experience in. This operation repair is the main support element of your home or building.

Joists Sistered

In many situations where floors are sagging this operation is necessary. This is required when joists are undersized, overspanned, or damaged.

Lally Columns Removed

Get rid of the lally columns in your basement or garage to create open spaces.

Steel I-beams and Flitch Plate Installed

Install steel I-beams or flitch plates to remove lally columns, repair damaged carrier beams, or to create larger spans for open spaces

Floor and Structure Leveling and Strengthening

We jack and level your sagging floors roofs or walls implementing other aspects of structural repair

Load Bearing Walls Removed

We will remove your load bearing walls to create more space